A third Army of Two game may be on the way, as suggested by a voice actor’s Twitter post. It read:

“Just signed on to do the new AO4 video game for Electronic Arts. Some splinter from Battlefield. Finally, my kids think I am cool again.”

The fact that Army of Two never was and never will be a Battlefield spinoff caused some gamers to begin to wonder what was going on. A following post of the same Twitter account read:

“Showing how distinctively uncool I am, I think I have those games mixed up.”

We have no idea as to wether or not that he was forced write this due to EA telling him to keep it under wraps, although this could be the first of a long string of new rumours about this game. Stay tuned to The Gaming Aperture for more news, reviews and opinion. Also, don’t forget to follow, subscribe and COMMENT with your opinion.


New SimCity Info

Posted: March 3, 2012 in PC Gaming
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As reported previously on this site, there is a new SimCity game on the way from EA and Maxis. The game, which is known as just SimCity, brings a lot more tot he table in terms of detail and graphics capabilities. Thanks to IGN for the info, as they’re the ones who translated it from German.

Detail is key in this game, with different views, you can see the hustle and bustle of city life up close, or have tranquil overview of the entire region. Also new is the new info charts instead of graphs to track city progress, as well as new building progressions.

Multiplayer is also receiving an overhaul, with the ability to trade good by land, sea and air with other players and new online leader boards. The German magazine GameStar also reports that in-game economy is based around the online world- whether or not that means online in game or online real world is left for you to decide.

That’s it for now, but be sure to stay tuned for more news and info. Be sure to follow, subscribe and comment here on The Gaming Aperture for more news and reviews.

The creators of games like Spore and The Sims are back again, ready to release a new title at the Games Developers Conference next month. There isn’t much confirmed info, or even many rumours, although many people are beginning to think it may be Sim City 5.

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IOS: iPad 3 Info March 17

Posted: February 29, 2012 in iOS
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Image Courtesy of GamingUnion.net

News has just come in the Apple have started to send around information to the media about the press release for the iPad 3 on March 17, in San Franciso. In the invitation, Apple stated: “We have something you really have to see. And Touch.” Traditional Apple style, if you ask me…

As for what to expect in terms of hardware, rumour has it that the iPad 3 will feature a 2048×1536 Retina display, along with a Quad Core A6 Processor, which is considerably more powerful than that of the iPad 2. That’s about all anyone knows for now, although be sure to stay tuned to The Gaming Aperture for more leaks and speculation. In the mean time, be sure to comment, follow and subscribe to all the latest content!

World renowned game developer Bethesda are now hiring for a new title that is to be released on the ‘next-gen’ on consoles due to be announced later this year. Following the release of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it appear Bethesda are jumping on board the new generation.

The fact that Bethesda are not known for making new titles has caused people to begin to think that the ‘Mystery Title’ may be new entry in the Fallout, or even possibly Elder Scrolls franchises. Despite the success of Skyrim, I believe that it would be unwise to be making a new Elder Scrolls game just yet. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take as long as Skyrim did after Oblivion…

The advert asks that applicants “be well versed in DirectX 11,” meaning it would be made with PC gamers in mind. We’ll have to wait  a while to see what happens, but I’ll be reporting everything right here on The Gaming Aperture, so be sure to stay tuned. In the mean time, follow, subscribe and comment and be sure to check out the rest of the site.


Uncharted: The Golden Abyss has been ranked as the best selling game in the ‘All Formats Charts’ ranking alongside FIFA Football, also on the Vita, which took 2nd place. Of the 23 games released on the new Sony consoles, these two titles have account for 50% of sales.

Rayman: Origins also rose up to No. 5 due to it’s port to the Vita. Wipeout 2048 came in at No. 11, barely missing out on the top ten. This  seems to me like the Vita launch was somewhat successful, having already shifted 400,000+ units in Japan alone. The launch titles alone were more than enough to make me want to get one, which is more than what could have been said for 3DS.

We are beginning to know more about the new games from EA in the Medal of Honour series- Warfighter. New details on the single player, multiplayer and co-op are beginning to come from various sources, giving us a glimpse at what’s to come.

It has been reported that there will be a number of real life Special Forces squads featured in multiplayer such as the British SAS, Australian SASR (about time we got a mention!), Polish GROM and German KSK. This should make for some fun and interesting gameplay. There is also some speculation about a ‘one shot kill’ mode and also a co-op system, all developed by EA in house developer ‘Danger Close’.

As for the single player, all of the fan favourites are returning, including Mother, Preacher and Voodoo. The game is being powered by the almighty Frostbite 2.0 engine, which was used in Battlefield 3 for some amazing results. There is also meant to be more player choice in the campaign- instead of being linear, players can choose how to do things- like how to breach a door, for instance, reports OXM.com.