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Uncharted: The Golden Abyss has been ranked as the best selling game in the ‘All Formats Charts’ ranking alongside FIFA Football, also on the Vita, which took 2nd place. Of the 23 games released on the new Sony consoles, these two titles have account for 50% of sales.

Rayman: Origins also rose up to No. 5 due to it’s port to the Vita. Wipeout 2048 came in at No. 11, barely missing out on the top ten. This ¬†seems to me like the Vita launch was somewhat successful, having already shifted 400,000+ units in Japan alone. The launch titles alone were more than enough to make me want to get one, which is more than what could have been said for 3DS.


With the launch of the Playstation Vita in Australia yesterday, I got a chance to pick it up and have a play of some of the new titles. I was really quite impressed witht the clear and bright screen, high frame rate and engaging controls. It really seems like a solid upgrade to the existing Playstation Portable hardware, and is definitely a step in the right direction for handheld gaming. In this post, I’m going to sum up what I believe to be the best launch title of the Vita. More after the jump…

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Uncharted:¬†Golden Abyss stood out to me as visually being the most impressive title, as well as being a successful bridge between the Playstation 3 and PS Vita. It also does something that most other launch titles didn’t- making use of some of the new advanced hardware that Sony put into this system. Things like the rear multi-touch panel and the front touch screen are used extensively, should you choose to activate them. This makes for a more engaging experience and brings the game to life.

The actual gameplay itself works rather well. I have no real complaints about it, and that’s rare given my supercritical nature towards control schemes. If they’re not right, I’ll notice. The control sticks work nicely, and having two is definitely a plus and is something the PSP could only dream of. Utilising the controls is easy, and the game flows naturally, which is typical given the series it’s from.

The plot takes place some time before Uncharted: Drakes Deception on the Playstation 3. It took me just a couple of short cutscenes to realise, although once you get into it, it fits in rather well. It’s everything we would have come to expect from the series, with epic action scenes, huge free climbs and stealthy takedowns of enemy guards. I may as well have been playing on the big screen- it had a very similar effect. The sheer scale and sense of depth from some scenes really showcases the Vita’s hardware and gives the game a very polished look. I couldn’t believe I was playing on a handheld.

All in all, if you’re after the Vita, or you already own one, this is one title you can not miss. I will eventually get a full review up with screenshots and all that good stuff, but for now, all I can say is… BUY IT!