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Awaiting the release of Farcry 3, I believe that this is a good time to look back on it’s predecessor- Farcry 2. As a game, it proved the be fun and addictive, and having completed the game on PC, XBOX 360 and PS3 5 times in total (over all 3 platforms), I can vouch for it’s playability. The intense ‘mission’ based gameplay and huge open world created the perfect backdrop for a game that left you feeling venerable and ‘in danger’ at all times. It made for an unparalleled atmosphere of hostility and cemented it the place as one of my favourite games of it’s time.

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Following it’s release in late 2008, many people jumped to the conclusion that after all of about 2 hours of playing it that it was boring and repetitive. Reviews said that guard posts and patrols were tedious to take down and far too common. I actually found my experience to be quite different. The fun part for me was sneaking around the enemies and making the most of the stealthy weapons. I’d rather drive around a guard post than through it, or jump up on a rock and pick off the guards. Sniping is definitely the way to go in this game- close quarters engagements often turn bad when enemies shoot you through walls with shotguns…

For it’s time, the game had great graphics. They even boasted having “the most realistic fire in any video game”. I’ not sure on that one, but it did look pretty damn nice, and the flamethrower and Molotovs made the most of the engines capabilities. Let’s face it, a game form 4 years ago isn;t going to be a match for Frostbite 2.

In the end, I know this game is a love and hate affair, but with copies selling across all platforms for as low as $8 in Australia, it’s certainly one to pick up if you’re at the game store with a few dollars to burn on something different.